Song of the Crooked Dance - the early Bulgarian 78 rpm recording industry

Mita Stoicheva

Mita Stoicheva Mita Stoicheva

Mita Stoicheva’s native village, Mekish, near the North Bulgarian town of Veliko Turnovo, provided a rich climate for singing. Born in 1909, Mita absorbed songs from her grandmother, her sisters, and from female neighbors of all ages. Her marriage, at a tender age nearly thwarted her future singing career. It was the village mayor, however, who suggested that she appear at a local singing contest in 1939. When Mita captured first prize, it was easier to convince her family to allow her to continue doing what she loved so much – singing. Her next triumph, at another local contest during the winter of 1940, brought her a recording offer from the Mikrofon record company in Sofia. Her first sessions in 1941 yielded 30 songs and earned Mita a place among the well-known professional singers of her day.

Listen to a short clip of her song Trima Brata Djulgeri from the CD Re-issue